How it works

Aura Martiradonna - Psychologist and Psychotherapist

If you’ve never been with a psychologist, probably you do not know what to expect and you may wonder how it works. Before to start a therapeutic journey together, I propose a first telephone contact free of charge, in order to dispel your doubts and start speaking about your needs.

The first meeting will be focused on knowing each other. We will start to investigate better the situation and clarify the problem. I will explain you my approach and I will answer to questions and doubts regarding the therapeutic journey to choose.

The duration of the meeting is about one hour and it is generally once per week. In some cases, the session can be deferred or intensified, according to specific needs.
I also offer the possibility to carry out an online therapy.

I do not have a crystal ball neither a magic wand, what I offer is a concrete and efficient therapy. The journey I propose doesn’t have an endless lasting, instead it is guided by clear objectives and it is tailor-made for each person.

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