About me

Aura Martiradonna - Italian Psychologist in London

I have always been interested in the complexity of human mind and fascinated with people’s life stories. I never had any doubt what would have been my job. At present, I am an Italian Psychologist and Psychotherapist based in London. I was born and raised in Italy, far from the city and close to the nature. There I had the possibility to live and develop a unique perspective on well-being. A natural well-being, attached to our roots and deeply connected with the Earth, with ourselves.

How often do we feel disconnected from ourselves and our life?         

Every day we are absorbed in chaotic routines divided in duties, work, fixed timetables. This can lead us to feel overwhelmed by events, sometimes powerless, while we let things slip through the cracks.

The therapy I propose can help you become the main character of your own life and story. The psychotherapy can help you to find new creative scenarios and overcome the deadlock you are in. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse, stress and isolation are all symptoms and requests for help.

Get over them to understand better yourself and reach a deeper state of well-being.

My Professional path


At present, I work independently as psychotherapist in London, my headquarters are in Ealing and Clapham Junction. I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BAPC). Over the years, I have gained wide experience in different fields: anxiety and panic attacks, personality disorders, emotional dependence and substance addiction, unhappiness and depression, relationship problems, grieving and trauma process, existential therapy, psychology of well-being.



I truly believe in continuous professional development. In 2020, stimulated by the discussion about COVID as a collective trauma, I studied and got certified in EMDR therapy (i.e., eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) for trauma treatment. In 2021 I completed a specialization course in CBT-I (i.e., cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) for evaluating and treating insomnia.


Driven by the desire to explore new contexts and challenges, I left the region of Puglia and moved to Milan, where I lived for two years. Here I dealt mainly with personality disorders and substance addiction, working as a psychologist in residential rehabilitation communities.


From 2015 to 2018 I attended the Postgraduate course in Psychotherapy, that allowed me to investigate even deeper the world of psychophysical health and the human well-being through a holistic approach. I awarded the Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy in January 2019.



I am really passionate about music and piano, even after the high school I worked in the sector of helping relationships, performing sessions of music therapy in schools. In 2013 I studied further art therapy awarding a Master degree in Video, Photography, theatre and artistic mediation in help relationships, promoted by the Pontifical University Antonianum (Università Pontificia Antonianum) in Rome, Italy.


I graduated with honours in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bari (Università degli Studi di Bari). I am registered at the Council of Psychologists of the Region of Puglia with the number 4479 since 2014.
As psychology student, I developed immediately my approach in the Psychology of well-being related to nature. Mindfulness and sensory outdoor meetings integrate my praxis for the promotion of the holistic well-being, in harmony with natural elements.


I believe that the full potential of the individual can be achieved in all aspects of life. I also give professional training since 2010. I gained experience with groups’ dynamics and management and acquired competences in the field of Existential counselling. I awarded the master degree in Career Counselling, promoted by the Italian National Association of Guidance Counsellors (ASNOR – Associazione Nazionale Orientatori) in 2016.